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Podcast | Financial Fraud Investigations in India

Contributed by: BTG Legal

Businesses in India continue to remain susceptible to financial misconduct. With the pandemic changing the way business is conducted, susceptibility is only heightened on account of reduced oversight, increased economic pressure and less robust security controls.

Timely and strategic intervention in the event of a suspected fraud is critical but can be tricky. This is particularly given the need to balance varying considerations including identifying and plugging process gaps, bringing wrongdoers to task, taking on lengthy prosecution and complying with disclosure requirements; all the while minimizing business disruptions and financial and reputational damage.

In this podcast, BTG Legal provides you with legal and practical insight into the recent trends and unique aspects of financial frauds faced by businesses in India, to better equip you in dealing with incidences of financial misconduct.

Prashant Mara (partner) and Devina Deshpande (senior associate) draw from their own professional experiences to discuss priorities and processes of an efficient investigation (including classification of the threat, leveraging IT and accounting forensics to collate evidence and interview techniques to identify patterns of wrongdoing) and highlight criticalities such as whistleblower privacy, reporting obligations and confidentiality considerations.

The podcast can be access here.

Contributed by BTG Legal

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